Cloud Gavel for Law Enforcement

Gavel offers document automation and client-facing web applications to help law firms and corporate legal departments automate and streamline their work. Users can create questionnaires, populate interview responses and documents into templates, store and share them with clients. The software also allows teams to visualize the status of interview workflows and search responses. Moreover, it helps them create branching logic to determine when to display certain pages and questions.

A cloud-based platform is essential for a document automation tool, especially when it comes to sharing documents with your clients. Ask your potential vendor whether they have an open API (application programming interface) and what their data security policies are. This will help you integrate Gavel with your existing workflow, case management and document management tools.

Fusionstak LLC, which is the developer of cloud gavel, was founded in 2007. Its team is led by a dynamic group of professionals who have a passion for public safety and are dedicated to delivering the best problem-solving solutions on the market. The company’s flagship product, CloudGavel, is a seamless workflow system for warrant processing and eWarrant management.

Using this system, law enforcement officers can generate an eWarrant from their squad car and immediately send it to a judge for review. The process can be done online from any internet connected device, eliminating paper copies and reducing errors in paperwork and procedure. This enables police officers to be in the community instead of sitting behind a desk and helps decrease crime by ensuring that proper procedures are followed. cloud gavel

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