How a Soft Wash Car Wash Works

A soft wash car wash utilizes soap foam detergents and supple felt cloth rollers to clean vehicles. These gentle materials glide across your vehicle, spreading a solution over its surface to help loosen contaminants like bird droppings, dirt and mud. Computer-controlled pressure and detergents with particular pH balances help break the electro-molecular bond that these substances have with your car’s paint finish. After a time, high-pressure water is used to blast away the loosened debris and rinse off your car. The lubricating properties of soap also ensure that any brushes or bristles are less likely to scratch or damage your car’s paint job as they move through the wash process.

The specialized material also helps remove organic contaminants like dust, pollen and grit. This can be especially important if your car is covered in a stubborn dust or baked-on pollen haze that regular windshield wipers may not be able to shift. The physical contact between the specialized cloth cleaning system and your car’s exterior also helps reach hard-to-reach spots, such as crevices.

In addition to the gentle material, soft-touch systems use less water than touchless car wash systems. They use around 54gpm at 40psi, which is about half of the amount of water that touchless car wash systems require. This helps reduce the environmental impact of the wash, as well as the amount of soap, rinse aids and water that is wasted. The Triple Foam detergent and conditioners are then applied to the exterior of your car by side brushes and a second top brush that work it into the vehicle’s surface. This helps make your car glitter and shine before it’s rinsed with more than 1200 psi of water pressure. A final rain arch mixes wax and fresh water to power-wash the remaining debris off your car’s surface, leaving it sparklingly clean. soft wash car wash

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