What Are YouTube Views?

A YouTube video’s number of views is an important metric that helps businesses understand how well their videos are doing. A high number of views is a good indication that your video is engaging and getting the attention it deserves. Views can also help businesses determine whether their video content is worth investing in if they want to run paid video ads on YouTube.

YouTube is very stringent about what counts as a view because of the various ways that users have attempted to artificially inflate their video’s view count in order to get their videos promoted or monetized. This includes using methods such as reloading a video to increase the view count, tagging a large number of people in comments and likes, and clicking on a video repeatedly in order to generate fake views. YouTube’s system can detect these types of views and weed them out, even before they reach 300 views, so the true view count is able to be accurately represented.

A view on YouTube means that the video has been played by a real human on one device for at least 30 seconds. It does not mean that a user has clicked on the video, left it open to automatically replay, or reloaded it several times in rapid succession, as this is considered spamming and will not be counted. Views are a great way to measure the success of your videos, but it’s important that you focus on creating high-quality, relevant, and engaging content that speaks to your audience. Otherwise, your viewers will lose interest and you won’t have a loyal following to promote or monetize your content to. YouTube views 

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