How to Manage Your YouTube Comments

Whether you’re a video creator yourself or a viewer of other channels, YouTube comments can be an engaging platform for continuing the conversation after a video has ended. However, as with any other platform, if not properly managed, YouTube comments can turn into a source of negativity and even distract viewers from the content you’re trying to promote.

The first step in managing your YouTube comments is to understand what the comment’s text actually contains. The following text properties are available when you hover over a comment:

Author Name
The author of the comment as it was originally submitted.

The original date and time the comment was posted, as set in the permalink or embed code.

Moderation Status
You can choose to moderate all comments on your YouTube channel before they’re published, or you can allow them to automatically appear without moderator approval. The latter option can help keep your channel free of spam or negative commentary, but it also requires a significant amount of time and effort to manage.

Add Value
The best way to encourage engagement is by adding valuable insights and questions in the comments of your videos. You can also build relationships with other content creators by commenting on their videos, which can lead to collaboration opportunities. It’s important to remember that attention spans are short, so you should try to be as concise as possible in your comments. This will help your message be seen and responded to quickly. YouTube comments

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