Silver Kiddush Cups

The Silver Kiddush Cups used to hold the wine or grape juice for reciting the Kiddush blessing over it on Shabbat and the Jewish Holidays are a treasured part of every Jewish home. They also make a thoughtful gift for nearly any occasion. The Jewish Center of Judaica has many different sterling silver kiddush cups to choose from designed by top Israeli artists. Our collection includes traditional designs as well as contemporary styles.

There are a few basic rules when choosing the right cup for making Kiddush. The cup must be made of silver and must have the capacity to hold a revi’is (3.8 fl. oz; 112 ml). It is mehudar to recite the Kiddush over a silver becher or cup and is permissible to use glass, ceramic or plastic cups, however it should not be disposable. The cup should be clean and free of cracks or holes. It is preferable to use a new silver becher for making the Kiddush as it will be easier to keep clean. It is not permissible to use an aluminum cup as it creates an unpleasant taste in one’s mouth, and it reacts with the vine wine which can cause illness. If for some reason it is not possible to obtain a new silver cup, it may be used to make the Kiddush over a glass, ceramic or plastic cup as long as it holds a revi’is of wine.

When using a silver Kiddush cup, it is important to wash the cup thoroughly after each use. This is done to ensure that there are no chemicals on the inside of the cup that will affect the flavor of the wine. It is also a good idea to clean the rim of the cup as well as the base and handle so that any dirt does not get into the wine. It is not kosher to use a metal spoon when serving wine or grape juice from the silver cup because this will also affect the taste of the wine.

It is important when saying the Kiddush blessing that the speaker is completely sober and in their full faculties. If one is not in their full mental state they will be unable to comprehend the meaning of the Kiddush prayer and it will not be valid. It is a very serious matter to drink alcohol or take drugs before saying the Kiddush.

If one is unsure if they are yotzai for the Kiddush they should consult with their Rav. If a person has not eaten for several hours they are yotzai to say the Kiddush, but it is best that they wait until after their meal. It is also important to be aware of Shomaya K’ona (the principle of hearing the shofar and Megillah) as it applies to making Kiddush.

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