Kitchen Backsplash Tile Source that Knocks Your Socks Off

Is it time to do something special in your kitchen? Maybe you’ve been asking, “Where can I get stunning kitchen backsplash tile?” Amazing changes happen when backsplash tile takes its place behind the stove or on the wall behind counter tops.

It’s just a must to see the artistic items available from Jerusalem Pottery. Customers rave about the kitchen backsplash tiles from Jerusalem Pottery.

* “They are spectacular and we cannot wait to have them installed.”

* “As a designer, I was looking for something totally unique that I could never find from my local tile supplier.”

* “The tiles have arrived and they are wonderful! While they looked quite beautiful in pictures, the reality is absolutely stunning!”

The founder, Megherdich Karakashian, was an Armenian brought from Turkey in 1919 to work on the outer walls of a major religious site in Jerusalem. The Chicago Tribune said of him, “Karakashian’s pottery has remained the most loyal to the old Ottoman style of flowers, and geometric designs painted in dazzling blues, greens and turquoise shades over a white background. But his pottery also has scenes from ancient Armenian manuscripts and churches.” His sons, Stepan and Berge Karakashian, and grandson Hagop operate Jerusalem Pottery now. Their studio is located in Old Jerusalem on the Via Dolorosa (Way of Grief or Suffering, in Latin) which tradition says was the path Jesus took to his crucifixion.

Specializing in artistic tiles made by hand using traditional methods, Jerusalem Pottery offers their tiles in a variety of forms:

* kitchen backsplash tile murals

* custom name plates for homes

* framed ceramic selections

* Bible story items

* blessing pieces

* tile borders

Jerusalem Pottery tiles work well in the kitchen, bathroom, fireplace, patio, stair risers and anywhere else you can imagine putting tiles.

Particularly delightful are the vibrant colors sealed for life into the tiles. Favorites include the cobalt blue, light blue, greens and yellows. Pick your favorite among the subjects of the tile art including gazelles, peacocks, fish, tree of life, birds, flowers and more.

Walk through their website – unless you are lucky enough to visit their shop in Jerusalem – as if you are visiting a special exhibit at an art museum. Gaze at the “Birds of Paradise” tile mural. Where would you put this fantastic piece in your home? Marvel at the Phoenix bird tile – and four-tile mural version – with its perfect wingtip to wingtip circle and deep cobalt blue. Stand in awe of the white gazelle tile on – again – a cobalt blue background.

No matter what your affiliation, it’s not hard to reflect and take inspiration from the Hebrew blessing tiles, Arabic calligraphy tiles, children’s Bible story tiles and scenes from the life of Jesus. Making your way through the many images on the Jerusalem Pottery website, it is easy to recognize the masterful artistry and the deep care and attention to detail. One is left in silent admiration of the beauty.

Are you interested not only in something unusual and unique but exquisitely beautiful? Do you want to add color as well as gorgeous artistry to the kitchen? Then be sure not to miss Jerusalem Pottery; a studio that goes against the grain of mass production by delivering incredible art on ceramic tiles with the labor of their hands using an Old World approach. custom logo socks

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