Price of Accounting Services – Sofia Calculator

The pricing of accountants is a complex subject. While there are still a lot of firms that bill by the hour, the trend is strongly moving towards offering small business clients certainty in the cost upfront through fixed or value pricing. While it takes a bit more strategy and thought than the billable hour approach, this is often easier for firms to implement because it’s less dependent on unique client circumstances or how they’re using their accounting services.

When calculating gross salary, an accountant takes into account the agreed wage or salary for their client, as well as bonuses, commissions, extra hours, sick pay, vacation leave and holiday leave. Then, they subtract all mandatory deductions for social and health securities and income tax, to provide the net salary figure. This can be an exceptionally useful tool for employees wanting to understand their taxes and deductions in Bulgaria, as well as corporations who are looking at relocating to Bulgaria to take advantage of an educated workforce that results in much lower costs than other European countries.

The council tax for purchasing property in Bulgaria is a percentage of the purchase price. This can vary from municipality to municipality, depending on the local economy and prevailing taxes. The city of Nessebar has a council tax of 3%, Burgas and Gabrovo have council taxes of 2.5% and 2% respectively. There is also a one-off transfer fee of 5% of the purchase price. Цени на счетоводни услуги софия калкулатор

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