Why Choose a Chilled Water Dispenser?

When it comes to hydration at work, a chilled water dispenser can help your team stay hydrated throughout the day. They offer quick access to fresh, cold drinking water without the need for large bottles that take up space in your office. A chilled water dispenser can also be fitted with a filtration system for even cleaner, healthier and more delicious tasting water.

The difference between a chilled water dispenser and an evaporative cooler is the way they cool their water. An evaporative cooler cools air with water, whereas a chilled water dispenser chills the water directly through a cooling coil. This means that an evaporative cooler is less energy efficient than a chilled water dispenser.

A plumbed chilled water dispenser uses a direct chilling system to instantly chill water from your mains water supply and dispense it when the dispensing button is pressed. When the water dispenser isn’t in use the chilled water is stored in an insulated tank, and the system uses the innovative Direct DryChilling technology to cool your water using an environmentally friendly aluminium microchannel condenser which transfers excess heat away from the water. It’s a more effective and cost-effective method than traditional refrigeration systems. This makes Zip’s Direct Chill system the perfect solution for commercial and office environments. It can also be fitted with a KX Matrikx carbon block filtered system to remove harmful contaminants and chemicals that can leave your water with an unpleasant taste. chilled water dispenser

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