Which Type of Conservatory Roof is Best For Your Home?

When installing a new conservatory or replacing an existing polycarbonate roof it is important to take time to decide which roof style is the best for your home. This is because a new roof will not only make your conservatory more functional but will also add to the overall aesthetic of your property.

UPVC roofs are very popular as they tend to be a cheaper alternative to other types of roofing materials. They are also very easy to install and can be fixed easily and quickly in the event of damage. However, this type of roofing can be prone to condensation and leaking. They also don’t regulate the temperature of your conservatory as well as other options and can become too hot in the summer. They also don’t retain heat as well in the winter which can result in cold conservatories.

Tiled roofs offer an attractive and traditional look to your conservatory and are a more durable option. They are also a great choice if you want to add Velux-style roof windows into your conservatory as they are designed to fit seamlessly into the tiles. Tiled roofs are more expensive than polycarbonate and glass but they will typically last longer.

Slate is a natural and eco-friendly material that is very durable with a lifespan of up to 100 years. Slate can be more expensive than the other options but it offers a high-end, sophisticated look to your conservatory and will add value to your property.

Concrete is a heavy material that requires a strong and robust structure to support it. It is durable and will last for up to a guaranteed 40 years when installed correctly but it can be more difficult to maintain than the other options. It is also susceptible to absorbing moisture which can cause mildew and mould.

Glass is an increasingly popular option as it is a good insulator and allows plenty of light into your conservatory, so you can keep that sunroom feel. There are now a range of modern energy-efficient glass options that can help to reduce glare and keep your conservatory warm in the winter, such as self-cleaning or low emissivity glazing.

Leaking is a common problem with conservatories and if left untreated can lead to costly repairs. There are a few ways to deal with leaks, one of which is to use silicone sealant which can be purchased from most hardware stores. This is a cheap and effective way to fix small leaks but if the leak becomes more serious it is recommended to consult a professional for advice on how to repair it. conservatory roof

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