What Is an Answering Service?

An answering service is a call center that acts as a virtual receptionist for companies when they can’t take or don’t want to answer a phone call themselves. They work to process calls and provide information or make appointments on behalf of their clients. The best answering services create meaningful, human connections with each caller, which increases customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Whether you operate a medical office that needs help taking after-hours calls or a contractor company with busy field workers who need to be apprised of job additions, your business can benefit from a professional answering service. After the initial contact, an answering service works with each client to understand how they want calls handled and a set of protocols to follow when answering incoming calls. This may include available dates and times for appointments, specific instructions to relay over the phone or through email, who the calls are redirected to, and even what types of information can be given to the callers.

The most effective answering services have experience working with clients in a variety of industries, from law firms to plumbing and construction companies, to electronics manufacturers. They have in-depth knowledge about the unique issues and concerns that each industry faces, which makes it easier for them to answer questions and schedule appointments. They also know how to handle a variety of common callers’ requests, such as setting up online appointments, billing information or scheduling a delivery date and time for a product. answering service

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