What is a Skill Seller?

The term skill seller refers to a salesperson who masters a specific skillset and uses it to drive value for customers. It’s a newer way of thinking about selling that has less to do with sales tactics and more to do with the softer skills of customer relationship management, sales enablement and leadership. It also reflects a shift in buyer expectations and demands. If Daniel Pink is correct, everyone is now a salesperson, and we want to sell in ways that make us proud (and let us sleep at night).

Insight selling: One of the most sought-after skills among buyers is insight. This involves leading valuable conversations that help sellers understand buyer needs, uncover opportunities and deliver a compelling value proposition. Sellers need to master the art of articulating return on investment as well as market and competitive analysis.

Account management: The most effective sellers can proactively engage with existing accounts to drive revenue growth. They’re proactive about filling the pipeline, use referrals and actively manage accounts to increase sales. They can also collaborate with key buyers to ensure the solution is right for their organization.

Tenacity: While tenacity is a necessary trait, top sellers know when to stop pestering prospects. Calling or emailing too often can cross the line between being available and being overbearing.

Relationship selling: While the traditional order-taking approach is losing effectiveness, buyers continue to value relationships with sales reps that provide insight and actionable recommendations. The Challenger Sale movement has shifted the focus of sales to being more consultative and providing a better value. skill seller

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