What is a Poker Casino?

A poker casino is a gaming establishment that offers card games. Some of these facilities have a dedicated room for poker, while others offer the game as part of their main offerings. The casino makes money by renting out space, selling drinks, and collecting rakes from the players. This money is used for staff salaries, utility bills, and facility maintenance.

In a casino poker game, players use chips to bet and raise each other. These chips are usually stacked in a manner that is easy for other players to eyeball and understand how much the player has to call or raise. It is against etiquette to stack chips in a way that hides how many you have to play. It is also considered bad form to tuck high denomination chips behind lower denomination stacks.

It is important to act when it is your turn, and only after the player before you has made his or her decision. This helps avoid confusion and allows the dealer to read the hands correctly. It is also bad etiquette to reveal your cards prior to your turn, as this will change the outcome of a hand.

In addition to a regular rake, some casinos charge a “time” fee, a fixed amount per hour of play. This is often used to reward loyalty and help players qualify for certain promotions that are based on hours played. However, some players find this to be annoying and prefer a traditional rake. m98com

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