Water Soluble Film Packaging

Water soluble film, also known as PVA/PVOH, is a biodegradable plastic that dissolves in contact with water. It is widely used in the specific unit-dose packaging of detergents, agrochemicals, dyes, cement additives, enzymes and fish bait. It helps eliminate dusting and dosing operations and allows users to store or transport hazardous products safely.

The market for this type of packaging is growing quickly due to increasing focus on limiting pollution from plastics, as well as increased demand for products that can be stored or transported easily and in small amounts. In addition, water soluble film is economical and ecological, because it is made from a biodegradable material that doesn’t leave toxic residue in the environment.

For instance, a new product called F-100 is designed to package dry food ingredients like flavors, colorants, dyes and other ingredients. It is available in pouches that can be converted into bags or wrappers on standard packaging machines. The pouches will allow bakers to use the exact amount of each ingredient, reducing processing costs and saving space on storage shelves. The film is also transparent and odorless, so it won’t interfere with the taste of the final product.

Another use for this type of packaging is sanitary laundry bags that dissolve in the washing machine. In hospital and health care facilities, this can help reduce the spread of infection by containing dirty or contaminated clothing in one bag that is easy to dispose of. water soluble film

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