Understanding Football Odds

Football odds are a crucial part of any football betting strategy. They are used to calculate the probability of an event occurring and can be found in decimal, American and fractional formats. They are a great way to increase your bankroll, but they can be tricky to understand.

The most common football bets include money lines, point spreads and totals. Each type of bet reflects different aspects of the game and is designed to provide you with the best value.

Money line markets are the simplest form of football betting and involve selecting which team you think will win the game. They are based on the projected winning margin of each team, and the favorite is listed with a minus sign while the underdog is listed with a plus sign.

In-play odds are more likely to move than pre-game odds, primarily due to a sudden change in the score or a red card given. They can also change due to injuries or substitutions, or if the game time is elapsing.

Totals are another major form of betting on football games and are based on the combined total points scored by both teams. They are a great way to bet on both sides of the match, and can often be more profitable than betting on individual outcomes.

Other types of bets in football include prop bets, which are wagers based on specific events within a game. These can range from a team’s total sacks to a player’s touchdowns. There are even futures bets based on season totals and results, such as awards or division winners. closing times

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