Types of tourism

Rich and affluent people travel to distant parts of the world to see great piece of architectures, work of arts, taste foods and cuisines, to observe tradition and cultures of different places etc. All these types of travel and tourism can be classified under different names according to the purpose of the tour. These can be classified as following:

Leisure Travel:

Leisure Travel first started in medieval Europe during the industrial revolution when the factory owners and the traders started travelling to increase the industrial population. The British Empire at that time promoted Leisure travel a lot during that time. It was then, when the middle class was formed for the first time and comprised these people. This kind of tourism led to the growth of hospitality industry in and around Europe with many hotels and resorts coming up during that time to cater to the needs of those tourists.

Winter Tourism:

Winter tourism has been popular since late 19th century when Switzerland became famous for its winter sports and skiing. Earlier, most of the hotels in Europe were closed during the winter season, but since the late 19th century this trend of winter tourism came into existence and many hotel owners made a daring move to keep their hotels open during the cold European winter. Famous places for winter tourism are the ski resorts in many European nations such as Andorra, Austria, France, Serbia, Sweden, Spain, Switzerland etc. Winter tourism also became a hit in the coastal areas and warm places, where people from cold countries visited in winter. Prominent destinations for the same were places like Sinai in Egypt. Also, Because of its warm climate, Egypt had become a favorable tourist destination for European people in the winter season.

Cultural Tourism:

Cultural tourism is a type of tourism, where the tour is associated with the culture, lifestyle and tradition of the people of the tourist spot. It is generally an entire geographical region or a country which attracts cultural tourists. Countries such as Egypt, India and china etc attract lots of culture tourists. Egypt having its unique ancient, mysterious and rich civilization has always been a centre of attraction for scholars and people in general. Apart from getting insights in the Pyramids of Egypt, people and scholars from all around the world have visited Egypt to know their culture and tradition.

The major cities of Egypt and the rich museums therein, attract several thousands of tourists every year. Cultural tourists travel to both the urban and rural areas to either visit the historic places and cities or to observe the festivals and rituals of the indigenous cultural communities. The tourists gain a lot of first hand information and knowledge from these tours. Since Egypt has had its ancient civilization and own culture from the very beginning which has been preserved since ages, these tours prove to be very rich and informative for the tourists. With its six thousand of recorded history, there are very few civilizations and nations which can boast of such a rich history.

Egyptian Hieroglyphs, representing both the ideograms and phonograms, of 530 BC attract the linguists from all over the world to Egypt. Its own language which among the first language ever existed on earth has been researched in depth by many language scholars for so long. travel destinations

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