The Best Places to Shop Online For Your Designer Handbags

Are you mad about designer handbags, but don’t have enough fashion smarts to help you in your search? Or do you simply have no time and inclination to go from store to store to find something you like? In today’s technology-driven age and harsh economy, online shopping lends itself well to focused and budget-conscious shopping.

The hunt for bargain designer handbags is not that hard if you know where to look. However, there are things that one should consider when shopping for designer handbags online. Firstly, you want to make sure that the shopping site is reputable and only offers authentic items. One commonsensical rule of thumb is, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. As a precaution, patronize online stores that give you a physical address and telephone number. If you follow these general rules, you should be just fine. Here are some reputable sites that are worth checking out:

If you’re Looking for brand new designer handbags or evening bags:


Bluefly is a considerably established online retailer that sells upscale designer clothes, shoes, handbags and accessories with discounts that generally range between 20 and 70% off retail prices. It has also slowly built its reputation on American television as a steady sponsor of a popular reality designer competition TV show, Project Runway. Some of the designer names they carry under their handbag category are: Prada, Givenchy, Balenciaga, Yves Saint Laurent, Fendi Handbags, Gucci, Celine, Valentino, Miu Miu handbag, Marc Jacobs, Christian Dior, and Bottega Veneta.

Overstock., as the name suggests, is another online retailer that sells surplus merchandise. Their selection of handbags include high-end and mid-level designer names such as Gucci, Fendi, Isabela Fiore, Michael Kors, Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein.


Zappos is primarily a shoe and clothing online store. But what sets them apart is their first-rate customer service. They offer free shipping both ways, 365 days return policy, and a call center that is always open. Their assortment of designer handbags includes Alexander McQueen, B. Makowsky, Furla, Marc Jacob, Michael Kors and many more. If You’re Looking For Pre-loved Designer Handbags: Some of these sites offer other pre-loved items such as designer watches, backpack purse, and sunglasses. Be careful, you wouldn’t want to get knocked out by a pair of cheap sunglasses (thanks ZZ Top).


Fashionphile is a luxury designer handbag consignment online store with a showroom located in Beverly Hills. Their prices range from a little under 200 to well over 2000 bucks. They offer pre-loved bags by top designer names like Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Balenciaga, Prada, and Burberry. They guarantee authenticity and gives full refund including shipping both ways for returns made within 5 days.


If you’re not already familiar with Ebay, it is an online auction and shopping site that makes online shopping experience easy for shoppers, business and individual sellers. Be well advised that some counterfeit handbags are sold on the site. It is imperative that you also do your research on how to spot fakes. Make use of the site’s feedback history feature and authenticity sites (more on this later) to determine if the handbag you are interested in is authentic.


Yes, your local online classifieds can be a good source for the best bargain for designer bags. Most sellers offer handbags from their own collection or a family member. Just like Ebay, beware of sellers that try to pass counterfeit designer handbags as authentic. Be vigilant and feel free to ask for additional photos when a particular handbag catches your eye.

For a safer shopping experience on your hunt for a pre-loved designer bag, use handbag authenticity resources that are available online such as articles and’s forum. Purseblog is an online community dedicated to the topic of designer handbags. The site’s administrators and users provide free authentication and advice to shoppers who are on the lookout to buy their first or next designer handbag. on sale michael kors bags

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