The Benefits of a Conservatory Tiled Roof

A conservatory tiled roof is a great option for older conservatories that have become draughty and uncomfortable due to aging polycarbonate or glass roofs. A new solid tiled roof will significantly improve the u-value of your conservatory making it warm in the winter and cool in the summer, giving you an all year round living space. It will also improve your energy bills and your home’s EPC rating, a real bonus.

A solid roof can be fitted over any type of conservatory, whether it is a gable, lean-to or P-shaped. However, the best solution is to build a brand-new conservatory with a solid roof from the start. This gives the maximum flexibility as it can be built to a specific size and shape and it is designed to take a full range of roof windows, lighting, internal pelmets and more.

Modern lightweight tiles are much easier to clean than a glass or polycarbonate roof and they will remain watertight for far longer. This can significantly reduce maintenance and repair costs and will make your new conservatory a beautiful addition to your home.

The insulation that is built into a tiled roof helps your conservatory to stay warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, which can dramatically reduce your heating and cooling bills. It will also help your conservatory to stay quieter as it will prevent sound from escaping through the ceiling.

As well as the insulating layer, a tiled roof will also feature a vapour barrier that is sealed to the rafters. This is designed to trap air within the roof and keep it from leaking into your property, which can be a significant problem with glass or polycarbonate conservatories.

A new tiled conservatory roof will usually be fitted over an existing conservatory structure, although it can be installed on a brand-new extension. It will need to be reinforced to support the additional weight of a solid roof and it may be necessary to upgrade the walls or foundations at the same time. The cost of a new solid conservatory roof will vary depending on the size and shape, roofing materials, electrical work and the installation of roof windows. It will also be affected by the area of the country you live in as prices can be higher in and around large cities.

If you have a small budget for your conservatory renovations, a polycarbonate roof is an excellent alternative to a solid tiled roof. The tough plastic sheets can still provide a good level of insulation while allowing plenty of natural light to flood into your conservatory. These roofing panels are a lot cheaper than traditional tiles and are easy to install for a DIY handyperson.

A roof replacement for a glass or polycarbonate conservatory will be a big investment, but it can be worth the cost as it will transform your old conservatory into a truly usable room all year round. It will be a comfortable room for all seasons and it will add considerable value to your home as well. A high-quality roof replacement from a reputable company will be fully tested and compliant with Building Regulations and the latest fire safety standards. conservatory tiled roof

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