Psilocybin Spore Syringe

A Psilocybin spore syringe is a tool used by mycologists to deliver spore solution directly into a substrate for colonization and germination. Spore syringes are typically made from sterilized water and the spores of a particular mushroom species, and are produced in a clean environment to avoid contamination during shipment. Spore syringes also allow for more precise application of spores into substrates than the standard spore print or spore vial, which can lead to over-saturation and subsequent mold formation within the substrate container.

A spore syringe should be sterilised before use, either by boiling the syringe or placing it in a pressure cooker and cooking for 30 minutes. The syringe needle should be sterilized as well, by holding it over a flame until the needle turns red hot. After sterilization, the syringe can be injected into substrate with ease.

Once inserted into the substrate, spore solution will be slowly released over time to inoculate the entire surface of the substrate, allowing for even distribution of the spores. This process can take a few weeks, after which the mycelium will begin to grow and colonize the substrate. Once fully colonized, the mycelium can be transferred to a monotub for fruiting.

It is important to remember that psilocybin is not present in the spores themselves, but will develop later as the spores germinate into mushrooms. This explains why it is so important to only purchase spores from trusted vendors. Always check your local laws before purchasing, and be sure to discuss discretionary shipping practices with your spore vendor.

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