One-North – Home to Global Headquarters and Promising Start-Ups

Just as the sun focuses on countries near the equator, businesses from all around the world are converging at one-north. It is home to global headquarters, promising start-ups and residencies in a work-live-play-learn environment that is geared towards innovation and creativity.

Singapore is known for its high-tech innovation and many of these companies have set up operations in one-north to nurture their own talent in the region. Apple, GSK, Amazon and Shopee are some of the prominent ones that have their respective headquarters in this precinct.

The area is also home to the Singapore Science Park and the prestigious Ayer Rajah Industrial Estate that houses some of Asia’s leading research institutes like the National Science and Technology Agency (A*STAR) and Defence Science Organisation (DSO), as well as major corporations such as Microsoft, GE and AT&T. The area also hosts Singapore’s first specialised computer animation and video game school, Pixel.

One-north is also home to the University of Singapore, which is one of the leading educational institutions in the country. It has a long-standing tradition of research and innovation, and is an important hub for the country’s information communication technology industry.

It has a reputation as a place for innovation and is well-positioned to become an international centre of excellence in the area. It is located close to key research and tertiary institutions, and provides easy access to the city’s business district.

The region is a melting pot of culture, food and sports. This is evident in the wide array of eateries, lifestyle and entertainment outlets that have popped up at one-north.

Among them are coffee joints that draw office workers and locals who love the X-factor of their caffeine fix. Jimmy Monkey, Hoopla, Revolution Coffee and Envy Coffee are just a few of the newcomers that have been drawing people looking for that perfect cup of java to one-north in recent years.

These cafes have all been praised for their tasteful interior and innovative menu items, and are becoming favourite hangouts for both locals and tourists alike. It is also worth noting that the coffee shops are all located in prime areas of one-north, and are able to tap on the demand for a good cup of joe from residents and visitors.

Another reason why one-north is called one-north is its unique architecture, which has been influenced by elements of both the Singaporean landscape and the world’s most innovative cities. The buildings in one-north are designed to achieve exceptional energy efficiency through a blend of green building practices.

The soaring ceilings and glass walls of the buildings are a key feature in their design, which allows the surrounding area to get plenty of natural light. The facades were also designed to withstand extreme weather conditions and to be aesthetically pleasing for the public. In addition, the buildings are made of lightweight concrete and are built with environmentally friendly materials such as recyclable steels. the hill one north

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