Mid Face Lift

The mid face lift is a surgical procedure that elevates the cheek tissue and creates youthful contours beneath the eyes. It is often performed independently to correct early signs of aging in the area around the mouth and eyelids, but can also be part of a comprehensive facelift or other surgery to address more significant facial changes.

Patients who are undergoing mid face lift surgery often report that they feel their results improve over time as the tissues heal. They also experience a feeling of tightness or numbness in parts of the face that can last for weeks. These side effects are temporary and will fade as the tissues recover.

A mid face lift can address the drooping of the upper eyelid skin, deep nasolabial folds and jowls that occur with age. It can also help restore lost fatty tissue that contributes to hollowing in the cheek area. It is a great option for men and women who have suffered from a loss of facial volume or have developed sagging in the middle part of their face.

A qualified facial plastic surgeon should be able to assess a patient’s candidacy for this procedure based on the extent of their concerns and their goals for the surgery. During a consultation, the surgeon will consider the patient’s overall health and medical history, as well as the degree of aging in specific areas of the face, before recommending a treatment plan. It is important to bring close-up, clear photographs from when the patient was younger to help the surgeon gain an understanding of their natural facial structure and underlying features. Mid-Face Lift Price

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