Marketing Tactics for Caregiver Agency Hiring

In the home care industry, caregivers are a sought-after workforce. Caregiver agencies need to optimize their recruitment and hiring processes to attract a steady stream of qualified candidates. In this article, we’ll discuss how to use marketing tactics to improve the recruitment and onboarding of caregivers.

A solid agency website with multiple career pages that detail job descriptions and provide a simple, one-click application process is the first step in caregiver agency hiring. Creating valuable content and optimizing your website for search engines is another way to draw in applicants.

When it comes to finding quality caregivers, a solid referral network is critical. Recruiting caregivers through existing relationships may help you avoid paying high agency fees to find the talent you need.

Caregivers that work for your agency will also need to be properly vetted and background checked. Whether you are hiring an agency caregiver or a home health aide, thorough background checks can help prevent abuse or neglect of vulnerable adults.

The first 90 days of employment are critical for caregiver retention. New caregivers can lose interest if they don’t feel prepared for their assignments or don’t get enough shifts to keep them engaged and satisfied. Ensure that your orientation and onboarding process is effective by providing a full schedule of training to get them started, including how to read care plans and important procedures for client safety. Stay in touch with your caregivers throughout their first weeks and months to show that you value them as employees. caregiver agency hiring

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