Keeping Reusable Grocery Bags Safe and Clean

Have you ever thought of the possibility that the reusable grocery bags you are using everyday are prone to bacteria? Eighty four (84) consumers in Los Angeles and San Francisco, CA and Tucson, AZ are using reusable grocery bags which have been tested by the Researchers at University of Arizona and found out that fifty percent of the bags are positive of E. coli, salmonella and other bacteria that can poison humans. Most of these consumers are not aware of proper sanitation of the bags that is why Professor Charles Gerba, a study leader, promoted an instructive campaign among reusable shopping bag sellers to encourage the consumers to wash these bags regularly. In order to avoid the spread of bacteria in the reusable grocery bags you are commonly using, here are some of the proper ways to clean them depending on what these bags are made of:

Reusable grocery bags made of cotton are washable in machine so it is much easier to wash and dry these kinds of reusable grocery bags. Some cotton-made grocery bags are screen printed or dyed so these should be washed with cold water for the initial washings to prevent the fading of colors. Polyester ones are also machine-washed and the suggested machine washing for these is the ‘polycanvas’ (polyester canvas that does not rot and dimensionally firm).

If the reusable grocery bags are made of cloth or fabric, regular washing is recommended. These bags must be washed inside out in hot lathered water merely by hands. Some reusable grocery bags are not recommended for machine wash because of the materials being used on these bags. After washing, it is important to have these bags air dry or with the use of clean towels. In like manner, the ones made with fibers like nonwoven polypropylene and cast-off PET must be launder gently with the hands. Paying attention to the corners and fissures around the stratums of the bags when washing is very important. Turn the reusable bags inside out while washing. It is a significant reminder not to put these bags in the dryer on high temperature. Like the bags made of cloth, just allow the reusable shopping bags to air dry. Machine wash is not recommended to these types of reusable grocery bags because it abbreviates the whole lifespan of the bags and can damage them. Nonwoven polypropylene can also be squirted with an antiseptic spray cleaner during cleanout.

For nylon or poly-nylon ones, they should be hand washed in warm water filled with soap. Hung and dry them inside out to make sure all the moisture disappears on the inside. Laminated ones should be wiped down with damp clothes or can be cleaned with a sanitizer.

Finally, it is an important reminder to sort and allocate specific bags for meat, fruits and vegetables, and prepackaged foods like groceries because these bags have respective functions with all of these commodities. Michael Kors the tote handbag

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