Inspirational Quotes to Keep You Moving Forward

Whether you’re in a creative rut or recovering from a professional setback, these quotes will inspire you to keep going. They’ll remind you that the work week is more than just a series of deadlines and meetings; it’s about making progress toward your dreams, whatever they may be.

Quotes are great for this purpose because they’re often succinct distillations of larger texts or concepts. In fact, many quotes are unattributed (either intentionally or not), and when they’re presented on sites like Tumblr and Pinterest in decorative frames and borders, it’s easy to lose track of where the words came from. But this anonymity isn’t necessarily a bad thing, because when you read an inspirational quote that really strikes a chord with you, it can become your own personal mantra.

Motivational quotes can help you build self-confidence and push through a rough patch, but they’re not always enough to get you over the finish line on your own. Sometimes, you need the support of people around you. Surround yourself with go-getters who encourage your ambition, and you’ll be more likely to push yourself to reach new heights.

Inspirational quotes can help you keep moving forward when you’re feeling stuck, but they won’t work alone. They need to be reinforced with the actions that will propel you to success. That means putting them somewhere you’ll see them multiple times a day, and it might mean writing them on post-it notes and sticking them to your mirror or cubicle wall. inspirational quotes

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