How to Style a Knit Beanie

The knit beanie is a practical, functional piece of headwear that offers comfort and warmth when worn outdoors or around the house. A beanie can also be styled to complement a wide range of clothing, from casual tees and jeans to formal button-ups and trousers.

The beanie can be made either by knitting or crocheting, both popular crafts that involve looping yarn using a pair of needles or a single crochet hook. The decision to choose one or the other will often come down to pattern complexity, required materials and learning curve. Ultimately, the choice may also depend on what type of beanie is desired and the level of warmth and insulation required.

Knitting and crochet both provide the opportunity to create a variety of styles and sizes of beanies, depending on the pattern chosen and the yarn used. In general, a beanie made from a thicker, chunkier yarn will offer greater warmth and insulation than a lighter, thinner thread. In addition, a hat made from animal-fiber yarn will provide more warmth than a hat made from plant-based fibers.

For a classic beanie look, the hat can be worn in a cuffed position, covering the ears and sitting close to the head. If a slouchy beanie is desired, the hat can be worn uncuffed with the extra fabric bunching behind the ears and exposed at the front of the head. For an added touch of whimsy, a soft pom pom can be added to the top of the hat using a long yarn tail. knit beanie

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