How to Shop For Luxurious Totes

A luxe tote can elevate even the most casual looks. From Kylie Jenner’s striped Miu Miu to Shay Mitchell’s woven Prada and Katie Holmes’ asymmetrical favorite, there are plenty of stylish designer options that will fit all the daily necessities (like toiletry bags, beach towels and extra pairs of flip-flops). To find the perfect tote bag for you, consider a few important factors when shopping.

First, identify your needs. If you plan to use the tote for work, a style that can easily hold your laptop and essential accessories is best. If it will also double as a gym bag, look for a size that is large enough to hold your sneakers and sports bras.

Then, keep an eye out for key details like the size of the straps and handle length. “A longer strap can make it easier to carry the bag hands-free,” says Byrdie contributor and stylist Reva Bhatt. “The strap length and width should also be considered, as it can affect comfort.”

Finally, choose a tote with an interior lining that matches the color of the bag or has a pop of color that adds interest. It’s a small detail that can make a big difference in how the bag looks when opened, and it will help you keep things organized and easy to find.

And lastly, don’t forget to check out the designer’s return policy. Having a solid returns policy can save you from the headache of returning an item that doesn’t fit or feel right. luxury totes

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