How to Repair a Norcold Replacement Cooling Unit

Norcold is America’s leading RV refrigerator manufacturer with gas absorption units made in the US. These refrigerators are very reliable and can withstand the rough conditions of traveling on the road. However, cooling units can fail if they’re not properly maintained. A cooling unit is a vital part of an RV fridge, so it’s important to know how to repair or replace it when needed.

If your Norcold fridge isn’t working properly and emits a odor of ammonia, chances are the cooling unit has failed. There are many reasons a cooling unit can fail, but the most common reason is that it has rust and corrosion in it.

One way to fix the problem is by removing the cooling unit and soaking it in white vinegar. This will remove any rust and corrosive build up from the cooling unit, which is necessary to ensure it continues to function correctly.

Before you can do this, though, it’s essential to shut off the refrigerator and disconnect the power lines to it. If you don’t do this, the cooling unit could rupture and leak ammonia all over your RV.

When removing the refrigerator, it’s recommended that you use a table or blocks to slide it on. This will protect the floor and make it easier to work on. Once the refrigerator has been removed, you’ll want to carefully lay it down front-down and remove the evaporator screws. Before screwing back in, you should apply a thick layer of low-expansion spray foam to the outside of the evaporator pocket. This will help seal the cooling unit better and prevent any future problems with it failing. Norcold replacement cooling unit

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