How to Make Paper Quilling Jewelry

Quilling is an art form where thin strips of paper are rolled and shaped to create decorative designs. It can be used to decorate cards, pictures, boxes and so on. It can also be glued to make beautiful jewelry pieces. It’s an easy and fun craft that everyone can enjoy.

This delicate yet sturdy paper craft is guaranteed to get you lots of compliments and attention. It’s a great activity to do while you’re watching TV or chatting with friends, and you can make it as simple or elaborate as you like. You can even find a few tutorials online to help you master the basic techniques before trying your hand at creating something more intricate.

One of the best ways to display your handmade paper creations is to frame them in a shadowbox. Shadowbox frames usually have 2 inches of space between the back and the glass, making them a great choice for displaying three-dimensional artwork and keepsakes. You can use almost any frame style and color for your framed paper quilling, but I especially love the look of a deep, silver-edged frame for this purpose.

At first glance, the curved shapes used to make quilled jewelry may seem complicated and fragile. But as author Ann Martin shows in her new book, Paper Quilling Jewelry, these projects are surprisingly easy (and fast). At the heart of every quilled piece of jewelry are two basic shapes: scrolls and coils. A coil is made when a rolled strip of paper is slipped off a tool and allowed to loosen or relax, then pinched at one end to create a variety of shapes, such as a closed loose coil, a teardrop coil and a marquise coil. Paper Quilling Jewelry

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