How to Get Stronger and Protect Against Age-Related Muscle Loss

Get Stronger
You may think that getting stronger is all about lifting heavy weights until your legs resemble oak trunks and your arms look like Christmas hams, but getting seriously strong is a years-long process. It’s also a key component to good health, and can even protect against age-related muscle loss (that’s right, you lose between three and eight percent of your muscle mass every decade).

The science behind the big gains in strength isn’t just about the muscles, but rather in the central nervous system, which controls all five senses, movement and balance as well as temperature control and sleep. This system is responsible for sending commands to muscles to contract, and if those commands are quicker and more forceful, the muscles on the other end will respond with mightier contractions.

In short, when you train hard, your nervous system learns to send the right signals to the right muscle fibres at the right time. It’s what makes strength training so effective — and a little bit addictive — as you progress towards your goals.

There are plenty of ways to build strength but if you want to make the most rapid and sustainable gains it’s best to stick with simple, effective, and proven principles. Pick a few well-researched exercises, focus on proper technique, and slowly increase the load. Choose the correct rep range, rest between workouts, and fuel your body with a balanced diet that includes plenty of protein. Consider a few supplements, including creatine monohydrate and beta-alanine, which are highly researched for their potential to improve strength. Bli starkare

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