How to do! Window tint removal

Window tint removal can be a tricky and very tedious job. Of those who start many get half through before getting help, realising that it’s not always quite as easy as they anticipated. There are a couple of basic techniques and things you should probably know before embarking on art of window tint removal. This article will give you the basics for automotive and residential window tint removal.

There is usually a major difference between automotive and residential window tint removal. This is based on the different glue that they use. But the first thing you will need to know is what tools and chemicals you might need and make the job a little easier

1.       Sharp razor scraper and a good amount of new blades

2.       Steel wool ( only 00grade or finer )

3.       Glue remover ( usually consists of high ammonia eg. Glass cleaner )

4.       Wall paper steamer or heat gun

5.       Wool gloves to prevent burns

We will start with automotive as this is the most common. Start by putting the car in the sun, this helps soften the glue and sometimes prevent the use of the heat gun or steamer for your window tint removal.  Start at a corner or edge and use your scraper to cut through all the layers of film. If you only get the top layer and the film delaminates it can make the tint removal harder as it becomes thinner and more brittle.

The number one rule of window tint removal is TRY TO GET IT OFF IN ONE PEICE

On some occasions you will simply be able to pull the film off slowly in one go. If this is the case you are one of the lucky ones.  For the others of you try to get you hand on a steamer as this is by far the most effective, especially when performing window tint removal on a rear screen or one with demister bars. You should put the glove on at this point as steam burns can be incredibly nasty.  The best glove combination is the wool type with a latex glove over the top. Without the latex glove the wool gets wet and this will result in burning. Columbus window tint

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