How to Do a Leaking Water Tank Repair

Often the water tank itself is not the cause of leaking, it is actually the connection or the pipe to the tank. The water heater creates steam and the pressure can sometimes build up a lot and this can cause leaks through loose parts or small cracks in the tank itself. In some cases the solution is as simple as tightening a few connections with a pipe wrench or even replacing the faulty water valve. In other cases the damage is too much and a replacement of the entire water tank is needed.

Before attempting to fix the tank itself it is important that you turn off all of your house water supplies including the hot and cold water. This will stop any further water from entering the home, reducing the amount of damage caused by the leaking water tank. It is also recommended that you wipe down the outside of the tank to remove any dirt and debris from the surface.

Next, it is necessary to drain the tank. This will remove any existing water that is causing the leaking and allow you to see exactly where the new hole is forming. This will also allow you to make sure that the area is completely dry and ready for a repair. Depending on the type of tank you have and the location, a variety of different adhesives can be used to make a temporary patch. Be sure to use an adhesive that will withstand exposure to water and is not harmful to the environment. leaking water tank repair

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