How To Be Happy At Work – I Want To Be Happy

If you are human with breathe in your lungs, you want to be happy. This is one of the first things new born babies learn. They learn to laugh, to smile and to share who they are with their world; they learn the value of sincere human connection. It feeds the soul and makes you complete inside. One of the first things that die when you work in a competitive environment where there is often lots of office politics is your joy, you just can’t seem be find your happiness. So one of the first things to learn is how to be happy at the workplace irrespective of what is going on around.

My top 3 how to be happy at work tips

1. When you get up in the morning say bright and loud your first how to be happy at work quotes “This is the best day of my life”. Don’t judge the statement, don’t criticise it, you don’t even have to believe it but your brain will. Our brains believe whatever we tell them just like entering data into your computer. (Remember just like your computer you can also delete data that no longer serves you or rewrite it). As the day progresses your brain will keep proving that “This is the best day of my life”. Say it when you arrive at work. Your colleagues might think you are a bit barmy at first but I’ll bet they start to join in soon. Remember why you chose to read this message… “I want to be happy” you said.

2. Write down what you want to feel while you are at work. Happiness, Joy, Fun, Success, Love… you finish your list. Now choose the one that you most want today at work. Now list the attributes that go with that emotion, i.e.; Happiness = Joy, laughter, fun, friends, pleasure, acceptance, success, motivation… finish your list.

Today choose to be what you want from work. If you want friendship be friendly, if you want love be more loving, if you lack motivation be motivational and so on. We all enjoy sharing time with happy people and happiness in contagious. (“I want to be happy” is your motivation remember).

3. Be grateful for your job. I know this may seem impossible at first but we can not be grateful and depressed. Our brains can not be in both emotions at the same time. Start with “I am grateful for my friends at work”, “I am grateful for my wage packet”, “I am grateful for all I am learning here each day” if this all seems too much try “I am grateful I am able to work”.

Therefore by repeating your how to be happy at work quotes and a list of gratitudes your brain leaves sadness and depression and you begin to connect to the unconditional happiness in your heart.

We have only today, we have only now, we can be miserable and watch the clock slowly tick away our lives or we can choose Happiness Now, And Now, And Now… Be Happy at Work. Say to yourself “I want to be happy”. smile quotes

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