How Many Seasons Does The Walking Dead Have?

When it comes to the Walking Dead, many people are curious how many seasons there are. This is because the series is about survivors in the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse. And in order to survive, they have to constantly move from place to place, looking for a safe home to call their own. As a result, they are often abused by other people in their search for food and shelter. These fears are actually more deadly than the zombies themselves.

Season 1

The Walking Dead season one began on October 31, 2010. The show was adapted from the comic book series written by Robert Kirkman. It followed a group of survivors in a post-apocalyptic world.

Rick Grimes awakens from a gunshot coma to find himself alone in a world infested with “walkers.” He sets out to find his wife and son. But he’s ambushed by a walker horde. Eventually, he meets up with the rest of his group and sets off for the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta.

A strange doctor invites the group into the CDC. When the building runs out of backup power, the lead scientist informs the group that there is no cure. However, the group decides to leave.

Several other survivors are present at the camp, including Sasha, Maggie, Lizzie, and Mika. Abraham also joins the group.

After being attacked by the horde, Rick finds himself trapped inside a tank. T-Dog volunteers to help. But he accidentally drops the handcuff key down a ventilation pipe.

As a result, T-Dog dies. Later, the group comes to the conclusion that Rick’s mission to return to Atlanta is probably futile.

Despite this, the group heads off to Woodbury to take back Glenn and Maggie. The group is eventually invited into the prison community.

The group is then confronted by an unknown enemy that is far more dangerous than walkers. Jim suspects that the undead are running out of food in the city.

Season 2

The Walking Dead Season 2 has a lot to offer. Players will get to meet new characters and a familiar villain, along with a re-introduction to a comic book storyline. It will also feature puzzles and interactive areas.

In Season 2, Rick Grimes will take charge of the group of survivors, leading them to a safe haven. Meanwhile, a large group of walkers attacks Carol’s camp. This is where the main antagonist of the season comes into play.

Lori Grimes (Sarah Wayne Callies) is Rick’s wife. She is heavily pregnant with a second child. Despite the tensions between Rick and Shane, she asks Daryl to drive her into town to check on him.

Hershel Greene (Scott Wilson) is a veterinarian and a religious man. He is also the father of Maggie and Beth. He and his family live in a farm.

During the prison battle, he is attacked and his leg is bitten. Afterwards, he goes to a bar to recover. But when the gang of walkers come to the farm, he is attacked again. So, Rick stabs him to death.

At the same time, the Governor of Alexandria is threatening the Chambler family. The governor is defeated, but not before he kills Hershel. Eventually, Rick takes the lead and the group begins to warm up to him.

Andrea (Laurie Holden) is a former civil rights attorney and a member of the group. She struggles with suicidal tendencies, but tries to contribute to the safety of the group.

Season 3

AMC’s Walking Dead is a series that follows the lives of a group of survivors who have lost their way after the zombie apocalypse. The show has dealt with big questions, like morality and evil actions, and human nature. It has also introduced a motley crew of characters.

Episodes this season have dealt with big life questions. Rick Grimes, the protagonist of the series, is struggling to find answers after his wife is killed by a Walker. He also is dealing with his new role as dictatorial leader of the gang.

Episodes this season have also dealt with human nature. Alexandria is a community that has fallen into paranoia. One resident is jealous of Rick’s attention. Another wants to take over the prison and kill its prisoners.

Another episode deals with a walker. In the first episode, a walker attacks a group of citizens. This is only the beginning of trouble for the town.

The second episode deals with a new gang called the New Frontier. These are a group of corrupted survivors. Abraham and Eugene are among those who join the gang.

The third episode of the season is another good one. We have a look at the new characters who will be featured in the upcoming game.

There is also a new character named Javier. His name is a reference to the popular comic book series. Welles, a helicopter pilot, is also one of the new characters.

Season 4

Walking Dead season 4 continues the story of Rick Grimes. Unlike previous seasons, this one focuses more on smaller groups. This allows for characters to shine. However, the story still remains a horror-drama series, and focuses on flesh-eating zombies.

The first half of season 4 was filled with bloody infected victims. But the second half focused on character development. In the end, season 4 will be remembered as a powerful season. And the season is a good sign for the show.

The Governor (David Morrissey) is a former leader of Woodbury, who now tries to redeem himself by caring for a family. His new identity is Brian Heriot.

Rick and Carl’s relationship is tested after they get separated from Michonne. The Governor is not the only threat in the prison, however. Tyreee Williams, Karen’s boyfriend, also re-enters the picture.

Survivors are divided into five groups. Each group hopes to prevent the spread of the disease. These groups will be tested to the limits.

Lizzie is a fan of the Walkers. But her fascination with the walker has become unhealthy. She is convinced she can go back as a walker. That may be a bit over the top.

“Indifference” is a scene that is uncensored on home video releases. It is the best scene in the show, though.

The episode is short. It is only 60 minutes long. Compared to the 90 minute premieres in seasons 1 and 2, the show’s season 4 opener isn’t that long.

Season 5

The Walking Dead season 5 premieres this fall on AMC. Rick and the group of survivors are back, and now they have to face their enemy, far more dangerous than walkers.

Rick’s group is a motley crew of survivors, and their mission is simple: survive. They are all attempting to create a cure for the walker virus. Some of the members of this ensemble are new to the show. Noah, a survivor from Richmond, Virginia, has very little experience in the outside world. He is the group’s newest recruit.

One of the major motivating factors in the group is Pete Anderson. Having saved lives, and rescued several of Rick’s friends, Pete’s motives are more than just a simple act of mercy.

Besides Pete, one of the main motivations is Deanna. Deanna has a crush on Rick, but her relationship with Pete is strained. She has become blind to his abusive tendencies. But she’s also frustrated by his lack of accountability.

Eventually, Deanna’s husband is killed in an incident involving Rick and his group. However, she’s reluctant to report him. Eventually, Deanna takes a more proactive role in the group’s activities.

Rick and the group eventually get to Alexandria, a walled-in community. Unfortunately, the buildings aren’t as secure as they seem. In fact, some residents are suspicious of the priest who’s been running the local church. As a result, the group is forced to quarantine infected prisoners.

Season 6

In the premiere of Season 6 of The Walking Dead, Rick and his group find themselves caught in the middle of a walker horde. The Saviors are also invading Alexandria. They threaten to kill Daryl, Sasha and Abraham.

Meanwhile, Carol is taking shelter in Morgan’s home. However, The Saviors attack and kidnap her. Rick is forced to work with his former allies and newcomers to take down the Saviors.

Meanwhile, the Whisperers clash with a group of survivors. A large herd of walkers is discovered in a quarry. As the gang works to free the herd, the walker’s honking horn signals that they are getting close.

Negan appears on the scene. He is captured by Beta. At the same time, Beta kills Gamma. Eugene is arrested by Deputy Governor Lance Hornsby.

Aside from the horde of walkers, there are other issues facing Rick and his group in Season 6. One is dealing with the loss of their leader, Glenn. Another is dealing with the fact that they don’t have enough self-defense.

As they battle through the walker horde, Rick and his group encounter familiar faces and face the threats of a permanent population. Their group often splinters.

The Walking Dead season 7 premiere had a national rating of 10.8 and grew 7 percent in adults 25-54. Additionally, the episode earned 13.2 million total viewers and a 10.3 adult rating in the 18-49 age range.

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