How Fire Damage Restoration Works

Fire damage restoration requires a lot of logistical coordination and work. It also involves a variety of different industries and professions, which makes it difficult for homeowners to perform on their own. Unless it is safe to enter the home, it is best to leave all of this work to professional fire restoration companies who can use set standards to ensure that your home will be cleaned and repaired properly.

This first step is assessing the extent of the fire damage. The team will check each room and its contents to see what can be salvaged and how long the cleaning process will take. They will also test the air quality and smoke levels throughout the property.

Once the assessment is complete, the fire restoration company will take steps to secure the property. This will involve putting up fencing around the property, removing debris, and taping or boarding any openings in your home like doors or roof trusses. If your home has been extensively damaged by the fire, they may even have to tarp or seal it.

After the property has been secured, it’s time to clean up the mess and sanitize the affected area. This includes scrubbing and disinfecting all surfaces and floors, including carpets. The team will also remove any charred materials like drywall, burned window casings, and melted doors. They will then replace the damaged parts of the house to get it back to its pre-fire state. fire damage restoration

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