Get the Right Medication for Acne

Everybody gets acne. True, but others get more acne than us. Especially during adolescence we experience a lot of breakouts on our skin because during this stage in our lives we deal on a lot of stress and hormonal changes that makes our sebaceous glands in our skin to produce more oil than needed in our skin, when oil and dirt combines blackheads and whiteheads buildup and these results to acne.

Environment and lifestyle are also cause of pimples. Above all factors heredity is the main issue, if acne is in your genes there is no way you can prevent or stop from getting acne. But there are over the counter acne products to successfully control them.

Acne is not a serious medical condition. But you can seek a dermatologist to have a medical treatment if there is an inflamed cyst or persistent acne. You can also ask the dermatologist if your acne can be controlled and ask the dermatologist to recommend you with an acne medication.

Before buying any acne treatment products remember to take these simple considerations.

1. You should know your skin type. If you have oily skin, you should use a gel based product. For dry skin you should choose cream based products. While those who have combination skin used gel for the oily part and cream for the part that is dry.

2. If you have sensitive skin, you will have to use low concentration of active ingredients. If you chose a product that is too strong it can only make the situation worse by over drying the skin or it will make the sebaceous gland more active.

3. There are creams that works as a preventive measure but most acne creams are too harsh to use before seeing a pimple. Use acne creams to places that are acne prone and present acne and remember to read labels before using any products.

4. If acne becomes painful or becomes worse after using an over the counter product. Take an anti inflammatory medicine like ibuprofen and seek medical assistance.

These are acne medication that your doctor may recommend for your acne.

Topical treatments

Acne lotions can dry up oil and kills bacteria. Most over the counter lotion are mild and contains salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, sulfur, lactic acid or resorcinol as their active ingredients. But if your acne doesn’t respond to these products and if there is no improvement you ca seek a dermatologist to give you a stronger medication like adapalene (Differin) or Tretinoin (Avita, Retin-A, Renova) are kinds of topical gel which is derived from Retin-A.

This is use in moderate to severe acne. These are prescription oral antibiotics to reduce bacteria and prevent inflammation. You will have to take them for months and you can also use them in combination with topical gels to achieve optimum results.


This is a powerful medication for acne that doesn’t respond to any acne medication and to scarring cystic acne. It is very effective especially to those who have severe acne. But people who take this medication should be monitored by their doctor because of the possibility of harmful side effects. Expecting mothers and pregnant women should not take Isotretinoin because it is associated with birth defects. It can also increase blood cholesterol and liver enzymes level while taking them. But in most cases level returns to normal when the medication is stopped. buy tazarotene

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