European Cabinets – The Perfect Fit For a Modern Kitchen

European cabinets are modular and typically use hidden hinges that maximize storage space and are more adaptable to different types of homes. This style of cabinetry is a great option for home remodelers that want to maximize the amount of storage in their kitchen or bathroom without increasing the overall square footage of their abode. They are also a perfect choice for homeowners that want to add a modern look to their kitchen.

When paired with the right hardware, European-style cabinets are the perfect fit for a modern kitchen. You can keep the look minimal with sleek bar handles, or you can go bold with a uniquely shaped knob. In addition, you can choose to have your European cabinets outfitted with push-open and close doors for a truly minimalist look.

Most European cabinets are made without frames on the front of the cabinet box. This allows for a more streamlined design and provides easier access to the contents within the cabinets. They may be made from real wood, but many are constructed from other materials that are less prone to warping or bending. This includes composite woods like plywood or medium density fiberboard, better known as MDF.

While not a traditional European style, this is becoming a popular option for kitchens. It’s a way to add texture and warmth while still keeping a modern look in your kitchen. Adding a contrasting countertop, backsplash or back splash can help your European-style cabinets really stand out and make a statement in your kitchen. european cabinets

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