Cromtech Fire Fighting 1.5 Diesel Fire Pump

When it comes to addressing fires, it’s essential that firefighters have the resources they need. The Cromtech Fire Fighting 1.5 Diesel Water Pump helps them achieve this by providing reliable water flow and pressure when it’s needed most. The high-performance pump can draw water from a pond or river and deliver it with precision for maximum efficiency.

The fire pump is powered by a diesel engine and can be used in locations that aren’t equipped with enough electricity for an electric motor. This is an important factor because the electrical supply can be compromised in a number of ways, including maintenance issues, load-shedding, and fires. Backup supplies, such as a diesel engine or emergency generator, are often used to ensure that the fire pump has a power source during emergencies.

To prevent the fire pump’s diesel fuel from gelling, it needs to be located in a fire pump room that has been properly sized for its use. This means a storage tank that can hold one gallon of fuel per engine horsepower, plus five percent for expansion. A dike should also be provided under the storage tank to contain any potential diesel fuel spills. The fire pump room should be heated to 40 degrees Fahrenheit in order to maintain the proper temperature for the diesel engine.

The diesel engine fire pump also has a number of automatic functions that help it meet national standards and keep it running in the event of an emergency. These include a fail-safe restart function, active pre-smoothing, and fault self-test.Diesel Fire Pump

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