Choosing a Petrol Or Diesel Engine Fire Fighting Water Pump

Fire fighting water pumps aren’t just for fires and emergencies, they can be used for many other farm pump jobs such as water transfer, boom spraying, irrigation, stock watering, wash down and more. Whether you are looking for a petrol or diesel fire fighting water pump there is a lot to consider when selecting the right one for your situation and budget.

There are two major attributes to consider when choosing a fire fighting pump – the GPM (gallons per minute) and the pressure (PSI). GPM is the amount of water that the pump can move over a period of time, whereas PSI is how much force the pump can apply when it is pushing the water out.

Both are important attributes to look for, but which is more important will depend on the job in hand. If you need a pump to be able to quickly move large volumes of water over a short period of time, then you will require a higher GPM. However, if you need the pump to be able to push water over long distances then you will need a higher PSI.

Another factor to consider when choosing a fire pump is the type of pump that you want – this could be either centrifugal or positive displacement. Centrifugal fire pumps are the more common and work by using a rotating impeller to create a low-pressure area at the inlet which draws the water into the pump. This is then forced out through the discharge pipe with a high-pressure caused by centrifugal force, and the flow rate can be controlled by altering the size of the discharge port.

Positive displacement fire pumps are the other type of pump and work by creating a cavity which draws in the fluid and then expels it under a set pressure. The pump will have a throttle control which allows the user to adjust the fluid volume drawn in and out depending on the required application.

For industrial fire fighting applications, a twin impeller fire pump is usually used. These pumps are able to generate more pressure than single impeller fire fighting pumps and this helps to ensure that the water is pumped at a steady rate over long distances.

A diesel engine fire pump is the preferred choice for many industrial applications because they offer a greater reliability and durability than their petrol counterparts. They also have a lower volatility which makes them safer to operate. If you are considering a diesel fire fighting pump, the Crommelins Fire Fighting Pump Diesel Single Impeller 10HP offers great value with an all Australian made genuine Yanmar engine, cast aluminium pump housing, metal (not plastic) suction and discharge outlet caps, as well as bolt-on replaceable suction and discharge ports. The pump is also fitted with a stainless steel shaft, allowing it to withstand the rigours of use on a farm. For more options please view our full range of fire fighting and farm pumps online. Diesel Engine Fire Fighting Water Pump

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