Certified Nurse Midwives in Nashville, TN

A midwife is a skilled health professional that offers expert individualized care and support for women/individuals throughout the childbearing years. A midwife provides preconception counseling, gynecologic services and childbirth, as well as antepartum and postpartum care for the newborn. midwives nashville also provide education and counseling regarding healthy lifestyle choices to promote optimal fetal/maternal outcomes. Unlike obstetricians, nurse-midwives are trained to assess and respond to normal pregnancy risks in the absence of complications, so many women choose them for low-intervention birth.

The Middle Tennessee area is home to a number of Certified Nurse Midwives (CNM) who are licensed by the state of TN. Their licenses indicate they have met the educational and clinical requirements of their respective licensing bodies. These midwives can provide prenatal, birth, and postpartum care in the comfort of your own home or a facility near you.

Mary Anne Richardson (CPM-TN)

Mary Anne is a CPM with Tender Beginnings, a home birth practice that has served women in Nashville for over 23 years. She and her assistants are licensed, insured, and experienced in home birthing. Her clients receive friendly guidance, professional assistance, and gentle care.

She received her nursing degree from Union University and went on to work in labor and delivery, several other areas of maternal and child health, and internal medicine. During her OB rotation she became fascinated with the miracle of childbirth, and decided this would be her career path. She has attended over 200 births since graduating from college, and loves to serve the whole family during this wonderful life event.

Becca Miller (CNM-TN)

A registered nurse, Becca has attended over 100 births. During her OB rotation in nursing school she fell in love with the idea of helping women to trust their own body during this life changing process. She has worked on a vascular floor and in the Level II NICU, and these experiences have deepened her passion for helping women to connect with their bodies and their babies during this beautiful time of life.

Jenna Sutton (CNM-TN)

A Certified Nurse Midwife, Jenna is passionate about empowering women to connect with their bodies during the birthing process and is a natural childbirth advocate. Her own two experiences with natural childbirth have given her an awe of this amazing journey, and she loves encouraging women before, during, and after their pregnancies. She enjoys connecting with families, teaching childbirth classes, and spending time with her husband and children. Jenna is a learner at heart, and recently became a Certified Family and Pregnancy Health Coach through the Dr. Sears Wellness Institute.

Chelsea Clarke (CNM-TN)

During her pregnancy with her first child, Chelsea found the joy of a natural birth. This experience inspired her to pursue her dream of becoming a nurse midwife, and she has not looked back! She has attended over 70 births and is up to date on CPR/BLS, NRP(Neonatal Resuscitation), and attends B.E.S.T. training to maintain her emergency skills. She lives in Smyrna with her husband and 4 children. When not attending births, she can be found at the river, in her garden, or enjoying coffee dates with her friends!

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