Cement Tiles – Chic and Sophisticated

Cement tiles are chic and sophisticated, adding a timeless style to any room in the home. These handmade beauties are a favorite among interior designers, often seen as floor, backsplash, or wall tiles. They are a great choice for antique or classic style and are available in many shapes, sizes, designs, patterns, finishes and colors to fit your decorating style.

The beauty of cement tiles is that unlike ceramic tiles, they do not need to be glazed to achieve their color. This gives them a unique charm that makes them feel more authentic and less industrial. Additionally, they are made from natural components that are much more eco-friendly than other tile options. The production of ceramic tile requires burning fossil fuels, which has an impact on our environment. Cement tiles are also durable and scratch resistant, making them a long-lasting addition to your home.

Cement Tiles are also a popular option for bathroom design. They are thicker than ceramic tiles and offer a non-slip surface, which is especially helpful in areas that experience high foot traffic. Additionally, they provide an excellent surface for a shower floor or backsplash since they are easy to wipe clean. However, these tiles are not suitable for outdoor spaces that will be exposed to freezing temperatures.

When it comes to installing cement tile, a professional should be considered. The installation process is more complicated than with standard porcelain, granite or ceramic tile due to the fact that cement tiles must be pressed under a heavy hydraulic press. This can be difficult on the installer and may require special tools to ensure the integrity of the tile. Additionally, cement tiles must be sealed before and after installation to prevent staining from the grout.

In order to achieve a successful cement tile installation, the first step is selecting the right pattern and color. A wide variety of color and pattern options are available, from graceful multi-color patterns reminiscent of a Persian rug or Moroccan tile to simple geometric patterns in bold contrasting colors. For a modern or minimalist design, hexagonal cement tiles offer an Art Deco elegance that pairs beautifully with contemporary countertops and hardware.

Once the pattern and color have been selected, the tiles are poured into metal molds and backed with a dry concrete mixture that is compressed under 2,000 pounds of pressure. The resulting tiles are smooth and flat, with a slightly textured finish that adds to their charm.

Cement tiles are typically sanded down after the installation process to create an even and smooth surface, but they can also be polished for a glossier appearance. It is recommended that all cement tiles be sealed with a penetrating sealer prior to installation and then re-sealed every two or three years. This will help to minimize stains from water, oil and other household products that can cause damage to the surface of your new tile.

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