Best Family Restaurants Near Me

When you have kids in tow, family meals can sometimes feel like an impossible task. But it doesn’t have to be—the best family restaurants near me offer friendly waitstaff, menus for fickle palates and laidback atmospheres that make dining out with your children a pleasure (even if it takes longer than usual).

Alice’s Tea Cup is a literary-themed tea shop serving a wide range of rich teas and scrumptious scones in a bright setting with mismatched tea sets. The restaurant’s many locations, including this idyllic Upper West Side spot, are perfect for girls’ lunches or birthday parties.

Han Dynasty has four NYC locations, including this one on the UWS, which is great for big groups and sit-down dinners. This is a go-to place for Chinese food that hits the mark, from excellent dan dan noodles to numbing mapo tofu and dry pepper-style chicken draped in chiles.

When your sister’s family comes in from out of town, you want to find a restaurant that can accommodate everyone easily and without any arguments. The ideal place is accessible from both your cousin’s Canal Street hotel and your aunt’s Midtown apartment, serves good food that all can enjoy, and has a loud enough atmosphere to drown out the sound of your cousins guzzling their second martinis. best family restaurants near me

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