4 Birthday Cake Decoration Tips

If you’d like to add a more creative touch to your next birthday cake creation this article is going to provide you with the tips to do so. These tips will make your next birthday cake decoration project the hit of the party. Many will take note of the extra special care that you use to come up with a very unique cake.

Every year all too soon it’s time for you kid’s birthday. You know kid’s never forget 3 things: Christmas, Halloween, and their birthdays. So you had better be prepared to host a party and have a cake better than last year’s. To make the cake extra special you probably don’t want to buy it from the local bakery or grocery store. No, this year you’ll make the cake and decorate it yourself. Below is a list of things you can do to make your decorations the best.

Tip #1

Try putting something new on top of your cake. First frost the cake with a delicious butter cream frosting, and then put little chocolates on top. You can use Hershey’s chocolate kisses. If you use a white butter cream frosting then use milk chocolate kisses. If you use a chocolate frosting then get white chocolate kisses for the topping. You might decided to bake at layered chocolate/vanilla cake. In that case use the Kisses that are swirled with white and milk chocolate.

Tip #2

We’re always trying to get our kids to eat more fruits and vegetables. You can mix in a fruit topping on your cake. First use a doily and powdered sugar to create a nice design. Then place your child’s favorite fruit on top.

Tip #3

You don’t have to buy a themed birthday cake. You can create one yourself. Simply go to your local grocery store or a craft store that specializes in selling edible decorations and buy what you need. If your child is plays a sport then use the cake to create a field similar to his sport. You can adorn the cake with miniature figures and helmets from his favorite team or player. These days you can even make an edible photo cake at home. A picture of your child in their sports uniform is always a hit.

Tip #4

The final tip that I have for you will involve a little more time and creativity, but it will make you the parent of the year as far as birthday parties and cakes are concerned. You can create your cake in any shape you like. It doesn’t have to be a square or round cake. There are all types of clever cake pans and other baking tools that you can use to create a cake in any shape you desire. Make an instrument, football, or a robot just to give you a few ideas. customised cake

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